A rare case of pulmonary TB patient with more than seven cutanious leishmanasis active lesions


Abedin Saghafipour 1 , * , Abbas Poudat 2 , Seyed Hasan Moosa-Kazemi 1

1 Andorra

2 Instructor, Health school & Research Center for Infectious and Tropical Disease, Hormozgan University of Medical Science, Bandar Abbas, Iran, Andorra

How to Cite: Saghafipour A, Poudat A, Moosa-Kazemi S H. A rare case of pulmonary TB patient with more than seven cutanious leishmanasis active lesions, Ann Mil Health Sci Res. 2012 ; 10(4):e68147.


Annals of Military and Health Sciences Research: 10 (4); e68147
Published Online: November 20, 2012
Article Type: Case Report
Received: June 21, 2012
Accepted: October 20, 2012


Background: T.B (Tuberculosis) is one of the oldest diseases and it has been considered as one of the causes of human mortality and morbidity. Some of TB patients simultaneously are involved with other co morbidities such as leishmaniasis, and it slows down the treatment procedures of the secondary disease.

Case Report: This study was about a TB patient with more than seven leishmaniasis active lesions in her ferent organs. The patient was a 73 years old female residing and from Moshk-Abad village from the central county of the Qom province who referred to Qomrood health care center for treatment for the first time. We became suspicious to TB because of the poor healing of the leishmaniasis lesions and also positive history of cough for more than two weeks and severe cachexia. The sputum samples were obtained and sent to the laboratory, and all the three samples were positive for AFB (acid-fast bacillus) and besides meglomin antimonite, DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short course) was started for the patient.

Conclusion: Based on findings of this study, in patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis which are drug resistant or failure to treatment, according to their clinical symptoms, other diseases that weaken the immune system such as tuberculosis should be considered.

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