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  • What is Open Peer Review?

    An "Open Peer Review" process is making the details of all review processes (including reviewers, associate editors, and EICs' comments) as "Public" as it is agreed by EIC, Authors, and reviewers. 

    Advantages of OPR:

    • To create more transparency, constructiveness, and tactful comments of the peer review process,
    • more motivations for all involved roles in the review process,
    • increase authors' satisfaction from the review process 
  • A complete list of all published reviewer's comments (OPR) with a direct link to the articles could be found in the below table. Simultaneously, you may find this list on each of our journal's homepage (at the top of the homepage). 
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Article ID Download OPR Article Title E-PUB
99300 Download Drooling in Parkinson’s Disease: A Multifactorial Symptom 2020-3-1
105600 Download Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on the Cerebral Blood Vessels in Asymptomatic Patients in Egypt (Ultrasonographic Study) 2020-7-25
89993 Download Mortality Related to Intubation in Adult General ICUs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2020-7-14
91857 Download Interactive Effects of Endurance Training and Royal Jelly Consumption on Motor Balance and Pain Threshold in Animal Model of the Alzheimer Disease 2020-3-25
99302 Download Determination of the Predictive Value of Serum Bilirubin in Patients with Ischemic Stroke: A Systematic Review 2020-4-19
99982 Download Application of Various Methods of Lumbar Kinesio Taping on Pain and Disability in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: Narrative Review 2020-4-28
98722 Download Mesenchymal Cell-Derived Exosomes as Novel Useful Candidates for Drug Delivery 2020-4-18
89989 Download Comparison of the Economic Outcomes of Neuroaxial and General Anesthesia for Lumbar Spine Operations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2019-12-3
99078 Download Effect of Tactile Stimulation on Hand Mental Rotation Among Young Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2020-4-11
101969 Download Autonomic Modulation Improves in Response to Harder Performances While Playing Wind Instruments 2020-4-15
101946 Download Statistical Comparison of Stroke Patients Visiting an Emergency Department During Summer Versus Winter: A Cross-Sectional Study 2020-4-21
99771 Download Primary Spinal Cord Neurons Better Attach to Non-Coated Surfaces Than to Poly(D-lysine)-Coated Surfaces 2020-3-29
98528 Download Post Craniotomy Late Fuji Mountain Pneumocephalus: Case Report 2020-1-20
79812 Download Can Adult Neurogenesis Be Considered as Neuroplasticity? 2019-12-22
98691 Download Accuracy of Stroke Diagnosis Using FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) Tool by Emergency Medical Service Dispatchers and Technicians and its Impact on Transport Time 2019-12-18
68874 Download The Role of Next Generation Sequencing in Diagnosis of Brain Tumors: A Review Study 2019-11-11
94763 Download Surgical Landmarks of the Endoscopic Transcanal Transcochlear Approach: A Cadaveric Study 2019-11-26
96150 Download Prevalence of Shoulder Pain in Spinal Cord Injury Patients Referring to the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences 2019-11-3
85122 Download Optimization of 3D Alginate Scaffold Properties with Interconnected Porosity Using Freeze-drying Method for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Application 2019-7-30
81981 Download Incidence and Properties of Neurologic Disorders Recovered from Iranian Patients with HIV Infection: A Case Series 2019-9-17
92002 Download The Effect of REM Sleep Deprivation on mTOR Signaling-Induced by Severe Physical Exercise 2019-10-8
87763 Download Effectiveness of Competitive Memory Training in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Reducing Anxiety and Worry 2019-9-3
95476 Download Kumaraswamy Distribution in Analyzing the Health-related Quality of Life and Effective Factors in Elderly Patients with Epilepsy 2019-10-2
64921 Download Therapeutic Approaches to Dysphagia Treatment in Parkinson Disease: A Review 2019-9-3
95653 Download Determining the Consequences of Perceived Self-Care Ability in Stroke Patients Living at Home: A Qualitative Study in Iran 2019-10-1
86148 Download Standalone Transoral Vertebroplasty for Treatment of Painful Metastatic C2 Lesion: A Case Report 2019-7-13
92611 Download The Validity and Reliability of a Persian Version of the Brief Community Screening Instrument for Dementia in the Elderly Patients with Dementia in Iran 2019-7-28
90159 Download Effect of Basic Characteristics on Improving Quality of Life After Lumbar Spine Decompression Surgery 2019-6-11
89632 Download Cognitive Function in Hospitalized Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Case-Control Study 2019-6-25
89001 Download The Effect of Self-Care Program Training on Self-Efficacy in Veteran with Spinal Cord Injury: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study 2019-7-8
87867 Download Designing a Client and Family Empowerment Model to Promote Constructive Life Recovery Among Persons with Spinal Cord Injury: A Qualitative Study 2019-6-24
86925 Download The Relationship Between Set-Shifting Deficits and Language Difficulties in Persian-Speaking Post-Stroke Patients with Aphasia 2019-5-4
90893 Download Low Dose Teucrium Polium Hydro-Alcoholic Extract Treatment Effects on Spatial Memory and Hippocampal Neuronal Count of Rat Aβ25-35 Model of Alzheimer’s Disease 2019-7-31
74362 Download Epidemiological Features of Ischemic Brain Stroke; a Cross-Sectional Hospital-Based Study 2019-4-13
82911 Download Platelet Indices for Predicting Patient Outcomes in Post-Neurosurgical Meningitis 2019-2-18
83940 Download Sexual Matters of Couples with Spinal Cord Injury Attending a Sexual Health Clinic in Tehran, Iran 2019-4-16
83417 Download Electrodiagnostic Findings in Post-Stroke Patients 2019-4-15
85491 Download The Effect of Remote Patient Monitoring on Patients with Spinal Cord Injury: A Mini-Review 2019-2-19
86650 Download Mortality Prediction in Patients with Post-Operative Meningitis: One Longitudinal Study in Iran 2019-2-24
85715 Download Multitarget Effects of Coconut Oil (Virgin Type) on Aβ-Induced Alzheimer’s Disease Animal Model 2019-4-14
12446 Download Bacteriology and Antimicrobial Sensitivity of Isolated Bacteria from Pressure Ulcers After Spinal Cord Injury 2019-3-6
86398 Download Comparison of Death Anxiety, Death Obsession, and Humor Among Nurses Working in Medical-Surgical Departments and Intensive Care Units 2019-2-19
68108 Download Long-Versus Short-Term Seizure Prophylaxis After Craniotomy for Clipping in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage; A Retrospective Cohort Study 2019-4-23
101882 Download Hypnotic Anesthesia for Blepharoplasty Surgery: A Case Report 2021-4-14
112867 Download Attitude and Knowledge of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) About COVID-19 as Provided by Physicians 2021-4-6
96490 Download A Review of Bispectral Index Utility in Neurocritical Care Patients 2020-7-14
93103 Download Suppression of Menstrual-Related Migraine Attack Severity Using Pyridoxine, Thiamine, and Cyanocobalamin: A Quasi-Experimental Within-Subject Design 2020-6-2
103384 Download Short-Term Outcome of Transported Versus Not-Transported Seizure Patients by Tehran Emergency Medical Services; a Retrospective Cohort Study 2020-7-5
102053 Download Effect of Adding Motor Imagery to Task Specific Training on Facilitation of Sit to Stand in Hemiparetic Patients 2020-5-23
104360 Download Mastication Muscle Suppression by the Mandibular Branch of Trigeminal Nerve Catheter-Based, Ultrasound-Guided Block: A Case Report 2020-7-14
102591 Download The Effect of Foot Reflexology on Fatigue, Sleep Quality and Anxiety in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2020-7-7
106239 Download Gender and Age Difference in Clinical Features and severity of Parkinson’s Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study in Southern Morocco 2020-7-26
102102 Download Effect of Nortriptyline on Spreading Depolarization 2020-6-10
83717 Download The Relationship Between Lifestyle with Chronic Pain and Pain Acceptance in Elderly with Stroke 2018-11-21
79504 Download Serum Homocysteine Level and Lipid Profile in Migraine Patients Treated with Sodium Valproate 2018-9-26
81492 Download Investigating the Effects of Adaptive Stability Model on Headache of Patients with Migraine 2018-10-6
74029 Download The Alteration of Hippocampal BDNF Expression Is Associated with Anxiety-Like Behavior Following the Injury to the Sciatic Nerve 2018-9-11
68867 Download Expression of Pro-Apoptotic P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene in Pituitary Adenomas: Comparison with Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Oncoprotein 2019-1-19
67009 Download A Young Man with Substance Abuse and Comorbidity of Multiple Paraphilia: A Case Report 2018-10-9
81229 Download The Associations Between Screen Time, Sleep Duration, and Body Mass Index (BMI) in Under Five-Year-Old Children 2018-11-3
81233 Download Apoptosis Induced by Viola odorata Extract in Human Glioblastoma Multiforme 2018-11-3
60193 Download Anti-Oxidative and Neuroprotective Effects of Supplementary Flaxseed on Oxidative Damage in the Hippocampus Area of a Rat Model of Hypoxia 2018-9-8
67359 Download Intravenous Thrombolysis for Stroke in Patients Receiving Oral Factor Xa Inhibitors 2018-7-28
81059 Download Anesthetic Management of T12 Schwannoma in a Patient with Churg-Strauss Syndrome: A Case Report 2018-8-27
68036 Download Picture-Naming Performance in Persian-Speaking Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease 2018-7-2
67577 Download The Effect of Word Retrieval Therapy in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Single-Case Study 2018-7-2
65254 Download Brain Infection After Cesarean Section: A Case of Subdural Empyema Post-Cesarean Section 2018-8-4
68049 Download Lifestyle of the Elderly with Stroke: A Cross Sectional Study 2018-7-30
90394 Download Role of Modern Technologies in Tissue Engineering 2020-1-21
103075 Download Is External Ventricular Drain Infection Predictable in Neurosurgery Patients? A Following-up Study in Iran 2021-2-9
109736 Download The Impact of Compression Duration on the RhoA, P75, S100 Expression in Spinal Cord Injury in Rat 2021-1-31
108778 Download Migraine-Related Disabilities Among Saudi Migraine Patients and Its Association with Social Factors 2021-1-13
106867 Download The Effect of Low-Dose Atorvastatin on Inflammatory Factors in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Clinical Trial 2020-10-31
107111 Download Neuropsychiatric Complications of COVID-19: What Is to Be Expected 2020-12-6
103409 Download Should Patients with MS Discontinue Their Medications During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 2020-6-30
105932 Download More Attention to Spinal Cord Injury Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-8-10
106492 Download The Pattern of Substance Abuse in the Psychiatry Department of a Tertiary Care of Srinagar Hospital, Jammu and Kashmir, India 2020-11-1
108836 Download Evaluation of the Efficacy of Low-Dose Naloxone for the Prevention of Acute Remifentanil-Induced Hyperalgesia in Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia for Laparotomy 2020-11-19
104209 Download Mitochondrial Dysfunction in EAE Mice Brains and Impact of HIF1-α Induction to Compensate Energy Loss 2020-10-20
112364 Download Adverse Drug Reactions of Antiepileptic Drugs in the Neurology Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India 2021-5-10
100174 Download Role of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis 2021-4-24