Predisposing Factors of Brain Abscess in Ardabil


Shahram Habibzadeh 1 , * , Ahmad Ghasemi 1 , Farhad Salehzadeh 2 , Sahar Masumi 1 , Shahryar Balakhani 1

1 Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences, Ardabil, IR Iran

2 Department of Pediatrics, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences, Ardabil, IR Iran

How to Cite: Habibzadeh S, Ghasemi A, Salehzadeh F, Masumi S, Balakhani S. Predisposing Factors of Brain Abscess in Ardabil, Arch Clin Infect Dis. Online ahead of Print ; 3(4):199-203.


Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases: 3 (4); 199-203
Article Type: Research Article


Background: Brain abscess is a focal intracerebral infection, which begins as a localized area of cerebritis and develops into a collection of pus surrounded by a well-vascularized capsule. In the present study, we studied all patients with brain abscess admitted in Ardabil Fatemi hospital.

Patients and methods: In a retrospective hospital-based study, 24 patients with brain abscess entered the study. Medical records of patients were reviewed from January 2004 to January 2006. Brain abscess was defined as one or more localized lesions with the following characteristics in brain imaging (CT scan): hypodense center with a peripheral uniform ring enhancement following the injection of contrast material, or affected region surrounded by variable hypodense area of brain edema or nodular enhancement or area of low attenuation without enhancement. Predisposing factors for brain abscess were surveyed by reviewing medical records.

Results: The study population included 17 males and 7 females with the mean age ( standard deviation) of 27.021.3 years. The following predisposing factors were noted in 22 (91.6%) patients; contiguous focus of infection (sinusitis and chronic otitis media) in 10 (41.6%), congenital heart disease in 5 (20.8%), post traumatic complications in 3 (12.5%), super infected hydatid cyst in 2 (8.3%) and neurosurgical complications in 2 cases (8.3%).

Conclusion: Ear in cerebellar and temporal lobe, frontal sinus in frontal lobe and heart in parietal lobe abscesses should be evaluated for the possible source of infection. Meanwhile, hydatid cyst may be an important risk for brain abscess in endemic areas like Ardabil

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