Tick Paralysis in Human; a Case Report


Mohammad Abdigoudarzi 1 , * , Hamid Belgheiszadeh 2 , Nabiolah Shariati 2

1 Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Parasitology Department, Karadj, Iran

2 Department of Parasitology, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Unit

How to Cite: Abdigoudarzi M, Belgheiszadeh H, Shariati N. Tick Paralysis in Human; a Case Report, Arch Clin Infect Dis. Online ahead of Print ; 1(3):159-160.


Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases: 1 (3); 159-160
Article Type: Case Report


Background: Tick paralysis is a disease of human and animals characterized by an acute ascending flaccid motor paralysis. The condition may terminate fatally unless the tick(s) are removed before respiratory paralysis occurs.

Patient: A 48 years old female was referred to a clinic in Tehran with edema at the head and neck regions. She had fever and disequilibrium. She reported a travel to mountainous parts of Tehran in early spring. During physical examination a small tick was found attached firmly to the head. It has been detached and sent to Razi Research Institute and a female Dermacentor marginatus (Acari: Ixodidae) was verified. Following the tick removal the patient's condition was improved.

Conclusion: With respect to a rich fauna of Ixodid ticks in Iran, it is important to keep in mind the tick associated complications in this area.

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