Use of Enzymes in Dairy Industry: A Review of Current Progress


U. Khan 1 , Z. Selamoglu 2 , *

1 National Institute of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Food, Nutrition, and Home Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

2 Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Nigde Ömer Halisdemir University Campus, 51240, Nigde, Turkey

How to Cite: Khan U, Selamoglu Z. Use of Enzymes in Dairy Industry: A Review of Current Progress, Arch Razi Inst. 2020 ; 75(1):e103481. doi: 10.22092/ari.2019.126286.1341.


Archives of Razi Institute: 75 (1); 131-136
Published Online: March 01, 2020
Article Type: Case Report
Received: April 07, 2020
Accepted: August 11, 2019


This review paper aimed to provides precious information about the function and use of different enzymes in dairy food applications. An enzyme is called a protein and catalyzes a specific reaction. Every enzyme is intended to initiate a particular reaction with a specific outcome. Moreover, numerous enzymes are present in the human body. Dairy food applications include the use of different enzymes, such as protease, to lessen the allergic properties of bovine milk products and lipase to improve the flavor of the cheese. Caseins, which are acid-soluble, are free from a flavor and can be suitable for addition to beverages and acidy foods by the limitation of proteolysis. The hydrolysates of casein are better to use in foods based on milk proteins for newborn children with allergy to bovine milk. Lipolysis makes a significant role in the flavor of Swiss cheese. The peppery flavor of Blue cheese is produced by short-chain unsaturated fats and methyl ketones. Many minor enzymes with limited application in dairy processes are sulphydryl oxidase, lactoperoxidase, glucose oxidase, catalase, lysozyme, and superoxide dismutase. Both catalase and glucose oxidase are utilized in food preservation processes. The scope minor enzymes in milk products needed for better production of dairy products and for the future of dairy technology. The worldwide market for the production of microbial enzymes used in dairy products processing is impressively increasing; however, there are a limited number of enzyme-producing industries in the market. The production of proteinase, lactase, lipase, and microbial rennet is increasing in the laboratory and small scales. In near future, the need for these enzymes will be undoubtedly significantly increasing essentially due to the requirement of significant nutritional valuable dairy products in the country to overcome malnutrition and obesity and shift toward low-fat and healthy foods.


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