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Permanency of Articles

Kowsar ensures all readers that any open access articles published by Kowsar are deposited in a number of safe open access archives like Portico. In case of any failure, sold or other unwanted events, open access to the articles published is guaranteed to continue via Portico. Kowsar Medical will not enter into a change of ownership agreement unless the Board of Trustees accepts these guarantees. In addition, once an article has been published, we do not allow it to be changed, leading to the following policies.

Article removal:

The preservation of scientific research is a cornerstone of science and as such we will use our best efforts to ensure that material published by Kowsar Medical is preserved and remains available for access. We, therefore, reserve the right to cease to make available articles, or relevant article content, that it has been advised are potentially defamatory or that infringes any intellectual property right or are otherwise unlawful. Where this occurs the article will remain indexed. However, in place of the article or content an appropriate explanatory note will be attached.


Link to Archiving Policy