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Word Count Policy in Kowsar Journals

We strongly recommend our authors to consider below standards when submitting their manuscripts. Otherwise, authors may need to pay extra charges for additional words.


Super Short Articles

Short Articles

Normal Articles

Long Articles

max word count: 500

(including tables and references)

max word count: 1500

(including tables and references)

max word count: 3500

(including tables and references)

max word count: 5000

(including tables and references)

- Corrections
- Retraction
- Partial Retraction
- Obituary
- News
- Reply
- Meeting Report
- Introduction
- In Brief
- Letter
- Brief Report
- Article Commentary
- Rapid Communication
- Discussion
- Abstract
- Announcement
- Calendar
- Research Article
- Case Report
- Methods Article
- Book Review
- Review Article
- Systematic Review
- Meta-Analysis
  1. Invited Article: free of charge (e.g. editorial)

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