Renoprotective effects of GABA on ischemia/reperfusion- induced renal injury in hyperglycemic male and female rats


Nepton Soltani 1 , * , Yousef Tighsaz 2 , Mehdi Nematbakhsh 2

1 Department of Physiology,Molecular Medicine Research Center,Hormozgan Health Institute,Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences,Bandar Abbas,Iran.

2 Department of Physiology,Water & Electrolytes Research Center,Medical School,Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,Isfahan,Iran.

How to Cite: Soltani N, Tighsaz Y , Nematbakhsh M . Renoprotective effects of GABA on ischemia/reperfusion- induced renal injury in hyperglycemic male and female rats, Hormozgan Med J. 2018 ; 21(1):e87261. doi: 10.18869/acadpub.hmj.21.1.1.


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 21 (1); e87261
Published Online: May 29, 2017
Article Type: Research Article
Received: April 29, 2017
Accepted: May 29, 2017


Introduction: Acute kidney injury (AKI) has been known as a complex clinical
complication in diabetic patients. The main cause of AKI is ischemia/reperfusion injury
(IRI). This study was designed to investigate the protective effects of GABA on renal IRI
in hyperglycemic female and male rats.
Methods: Sixty STZ induced diabetic male and female Wistar rats were categorized in
10 groups (5 female &5 male groups). Groups 1-3 in each gender received GABA (10,
50, 100μmol/kg/day) for 3 days, and then were subjected to renal IRI .Group 4 in each
gender was subjected to renal IRI alone, and group 5 was subjected to surgical operation
without renal IRI.24 hr after I/R injury, blood sample was obtained, and the animal were
sacrificed for pathology investigation.
Results: Renal IRI alone increased the serum blood urea nitrogen levels (BUN) and
creatinine (Cr), and kidney damage in both male and female rats significantly (P<0.05),
however all doses of GABA decreased the serum BUN and Cr levels and tissue damage
when compared with control group.
Conclusion: From the results of this study it seems that GABA administration in
hyperglycemic rats could decrease renal injury after an ischemia/reperfusion.



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