prevalence of pyuria urinalysis of women stuff in Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences


Dariush Saed 1 , *

1 Resident Department of Cardiology, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran..

How to Cite: Saed D. prevalence of pyuria urinalysis of women stuff in Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Hormozgan Med J. 2009 ; 13(3):e88737.


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 13 (3); e88737
Published Online: June 18, 2008
Article Type: Letter
Received: November 05, 2007
Accepted: June 18, 2008


Introduction: Urinary tract infection is a prevalent infection disease that many
patients referred to the physician for this problem. About 20-40% of women
experience symptomatic urinary tract infection for at least one time in their life. Early
diagnosis and treatment lead to recovery much of the times. Regarding the higher
prevalence of the urinary tract infection in women, we designed this study to find the
prevalence of the urinary tract infection in women stuff of the Hormozgan University
of Medical sciences in autumn 2003.
Methods: at first the goal group was invited, then simple microscopic urinalysis test
was done for them, in a period of about 68 days in shahid mohammadi and shariati
hospital labs of Bandar Abbas. Field (HPF) of microscope in each test was recorded.
Pyuria defined by five WBC/HPF.
Results: 243 persons participated in this study (from approximately 1000 ones that
was invited). Pyuria detected in 16/87% of them. This study revealed no significant
difference in the prevalence of pyuria between different groups of the population
under study regarding the marital status.
Conclusion: There is no effect of marital status on the prevalence of pyuria in our



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