Morbidity and Mortality in Iranian Children with Juvenile Systemic Lupus erythematosus


Fariba Tavangar-Rad 1 , Vahid Ziaee 2 , * , Mohammad-Hassan Moradinejad 3 , Fatemeh Tahghighi 4





How to Cite: Tavangar-Rad F , Ziaee V, Moradinejad M , Tahghighi F . Morbidity and Mortality in Iranian Children with Juvenile Systemic Lupus erythematosus, Iran J Pediatr. 2014 ; 24(4):365-370.


Iranian Journal of Pediatrics: 24 (4); 365-370
Published Online: July 01, 2014
Article Type: Research Article
Received: December 24, 2013
Accepted: April 14, 2014


Objective: Juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus (JSLE) is a common rheumatologic disorder that involves multi organ systems. Prognosis of lupus in children may be poorer than in adults. In this study, we determined mortality and morbidity rates in the pediatric SLE in Iran.Methods: In a cross sectional study, we evaluated 120 children with SLE who had registered in our pediatric rheumatology database within 2004-2010. Data including sex, age, remission, age at the time of diagnosis, age at the time of study, various types of organ involvement, mortality and remission were extracted from this database.Findings: From 120 cases, 77% (92 cases) were females and 23% (28 cases) males (F:M=3.3). Mean follow up period was 56±32 months and mean age at the time of manifesting disease 10.34±2.9 years. Mortality rate was 10% (12 cases) in our investigation. Musculoskeletal involvement showed significant difference between various age groups (P<0.01), that was more frequent in group of 7 years and older. Frequency of oral ulcer and ophthalmic involvement in boys was significantly higher than in girls (P<0.05). Frequency of cardiovascular involvement (P<0.01) and renal involvement (P<0.01) was significantly higher in the patients who had no remission. There was a significant association between mortality rate and cardiac (P<0.02, OR=4.9), pulmonary (P<0.01, OR=10.167) and liver (P<0.05, OR=1.19) involvement.Conclusion: In our investigation 1-year survival rate was 97% and 5-year survival rate 89%. Liver, cardiac and pulmonary involvements have an association with higher mortality in JSLE patients.




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