Effect of Convenient Dermatologic Intervention on Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Eczematous Dermatitis


Marjan Anvar 1 , * , Mohammad Hassan Lohrasb 2 , Ali Javadpour 3

1 Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Department of psychiatry, Hafez hospita, Shiraz, Iran

2 Departments of Dermatology, Fasa University of medical sciences, Fasa, Iran

3 Departments of Psychiatry, Shiraz University of medical sciences, Shiraz, Iran

How to Cite: Anvar M, Lohrasb M H, Javadpour A. Effect of Convenient Dermatologic Intervention on Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Eczematous Dermatitis, Iran J Psychiatry Behav Sci. 2010 ; 4(2):47-50.


Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: 4 (2); 47-50
Published Online: December 31, 2010
Article Type: Original Article
Received: March 03, 2009
Accepted: July 21, 2010


Objective: There is some evidence that chronic skin diseases like dermatitis could affect the quality of life of sufferers. In addition, patients with dermatological disorders are at greater risk to develop psychiatric morbidity. The aim of this study was to explore the quality of life in patients with chronic eczematous dermatitis. We also examined the effect of a convenient dermatologic intervention on quality of life of the participants.

Methods: Fifty patients with chronic dermatitis (29 females and 21 males with mean age of 29.3 years) were recruited. Data were collected before and after six weeks of dermatological treatment using Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) and a sociodemographic questionnaire. The relevant data were analyzed using paired t test.

Results: Mean base score for dermatology life quality index in our sample was 10.94, which was within low limits of averaged for their norm. Moreover, after 6 weeks of treatment, quality of life significantly improved particularly in domains of symptoms and feeling.

Conclusion: Dermatologic diseases like chronic dermatitis influence quality of life of patients. Even a feasible dermatologic intervention could significantly improve the quality of life in people who are suffering from such disabling illnesses.

Declaration of interest: None.


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