The Elderly Population in Iran: An Ever Growing Concern in the Health System


Maryam Noroozian 1 , *

1 Memory & Behavioral Neurology Department, Roozbeh Hospital,Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran

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Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences: 6 (2); 1-6
Published Online: December 30, 2012
Article Type: Editorial
Received: October 03, 2012
Accepted: November 07, 2012


Older people are an enormous asset to our societies, not only because a large majority of them continue to work in old age, but also because they convey social values to younger generations”

Dr. Wesum

Asia/Pacific Regional Conference on Ageing 2012


The population ages 65 and over is expected to grow very rapidly in all parts of the world. Over the next decades, the elderly population is projected to grow much more quickly than the total population in all parts of the world. At the global level, the number of those over age 60 is projected by the UN Population Division to increase from just under 800 million in 2011 (representing 11% of world population) to just over 2 billion in 2050 (representing 22% of world population). World population is projected to increase 3.7 times from 1950 to 2050, but the number of those aged 60 and over will increase by a factor of nearly 10. Among the elderly, the “oldest old” – i.e., those aged 80 and over – is projected increase by a factor of 26. Accompanying these projected increases in elder shares throughout the world is another salient trend: the “compression of morbidity”. Anti-aging technologies – from memory-enhancing drugs to high-tech joint replacements – and healthier lifestyles have not merely increased longevity but have also made old age healthier. Although population aging is occurring in both developed and developing countries, the most rapid aging is taking place primarily in relatively newly industrialized or developing countries. Population aging generates many challenges and sparks concerns about the pace of future economic growth, the operation and financial integrity of health care and pension systems, and the well-being of the elderly. The key is adaptation on all levels: individual, organizational, and societal.

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Citation: Noroozian M. The Elderly population in Iran: An ever growing concern in the health system. Iran J Psychiatry Behav Sci 2012; 6(2): 1 – 6



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