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Article ID Title
83774 The Forms of Self-immolation in Iran: Meta-analysis Methods
85560 Effect of diazepam on methamphetamine-induced seeking behavior in rats
98420 The Comparing Effect of Attention Bias Modification Intervention on Emotion Regulation: Word and Figure
101094 Prevalence of Adaptive Narcissism and its Demographic Correlations among Interns of Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Medical Faculty: A Cross-sectional Study
101398 Career Future Anxiety and its relationship with Marital Future Anxiety among University Students
101524 Prevalence of Depression in Iranian College Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
101562 The role of psychological factors in the non-suicidal self-injury of female adolescents
104092 Comparing the Executive Function of Mothers With and Without Autistic Children
106041 Can stress and anxiety be a contributing factor to COVID-19?
108468 Stress System and Social Interaction Focusing On the Sexual Pathway
108500 Depression symptoms and sleep quality during the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran: A national cross-sectional study
110483 Exploring Interpersonal relationship of Female Patients with Persistent Depressive Disorder: A qualitative study with phenomenological approach
112213 Getting Closer to our unpleasant previse: Possible rise in Suicide Rate in Iran during Covid-19 Pandemic