Oral administration of zinc sulphate in treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis


MJ Yazdanpanah 1 , * , K Mostofi 2 , M Soleimani 2 , M Ebrahimirad 2

1 Assistant Professor of Department of Dermatology,Ghaem Hospital,Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, [email protected], khorasan, Iran

2 Department of Dermatology,Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, khorasan, Iran

How to Cite: Yazdanpanah M, Mostofi K, Soleimani M, Ebrahimirad M. Oral administration of zinc sulphate in treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis, Iran Red Crescent Med J. Online ahead of Print ; 9(4):205-208.


Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal: 9 (4); 205-208
Article Type: Brief Report
Received: February 26, 2007
Accepted: June 10, 1970


Background: Due to increasing unresponsiveness and significant side effects associated with antimonial compounds, alternative therapeutic modalities are suggested. Recently oral zinc sulphate has been reported to be effective in the treatment of CL. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of oral zinc sulphate in the treatment of CL.


Methods: The present study comprised 31 patients with clinical diagnosis of dry type leishmaniasis and parasitologically proven cutaneous leishmaniasis of which 22 patients received a full course of treatment. Patients were treated with 10 mg/Kg/day of oral zinc sulphate for 45 days and were followed through 20 and 45 days of treatment as well as 45 days after cessation of therapy.


Results: Only 2 (9%) of 22 patients were cured after 45 days of treatment with zinc sulphate.


Conclusion: The administration of zinc sulphate for the treatment of CL seemed to be of inadequate therapeutic value.


Keywords: Cutaneous leishmaniasis; Leishmaniasis, Zinc sulphate

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