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Article ID Title
100923 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Regulation Strategy Training on Procrastination, Happiness and Academic Achievement
101606 Effect of Consuming Ascorbic Acid during High -Intensity Aerobic Training on Catalase and Nitric Oxide activity in Hypertension Men
101897 Effect of Eight Weeks of Aerobic Exercise and Garlic Extract Use on the Blood Pressure, Fat Percentage, and Lipid Profile of Patients with Hypertension
102312 Comparison of the Effect of Stretching Exercises and Combination of Massage - Stretching Exercises on Primary Dysmenorrhea of Female Students of Razi University of Kermanshah
102448 Improving the performance of hospital information systems using Six Sigma For Kermanshah Province Hospitals
102927 Self- Directed Learning (SDL) of medication safety issues by using a dual function (educational & supervisory) checklist in clinical settings
107521 Designing a Conceptual Pattern of e- Learning for Iran’s Universities of Medical Sciences
110092 Evaluation of telehealth efficacy in improving maintenance phase of stuttering children
111137 Effects of Exercise Training Intensity on Plasma Levels of Creatinine Kinas after a Myocardial Infarction in male Wistar rats