Reproductive History and Contraceptive Methods in Women with Multiple Sclerosis


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Jentashapir Journal of Health Research: 5 (2); 17-25
Published Online: June 11, 2012
Article Type: Research Article


Background: Multiple sclerosis is the most common neurologic immune-mediated disease affecting young adult especially women in reproductive age. There is little information on the pattern of fertility and contraceptive methods used in the patients. This study aims to determine the fertility behavior pattern and the contraceptive method of MS patients under the care of Khuzestan MS Society.

Material and methods: In a cross-sectional analytic method, 150 women, aged 19 to 59, married and suffering from MS who referred to MS society of Khuzestan in 2010 were studied. After preparing the questionnaire, content validity and reliability criteria, data was collected through questionnaires and SPSS was used for data analysis using t-test, Chi square and correlations.

Results: The mean age of patients was 34.2 8.1. The average number of pregnancies and children were 2.31.7 and 2.061.5, respectively. The total of 66% of patients were using contraceptive methods. ANOVA test showed a significant differences between the mean age of onset of MS and number of pregnancies (p<0.001). Stage of disease was significantly associated with age groups and contraceptive methods (p<0.05).

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