Jundishapur in antiquity


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Jentashapir Journal of Health Research: 1 (1); 37-43
Published Online: June 30, 2010
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Archaeologists believe in that Shah Abad village now situated in southern part of Dezful city there was a large city called " veh Antyuk Shapur" in Sassanian dynasty with a very ancient history. In old bibliography sources it was called Jentashapir and has been popular due to the beautiful garden. The first Sassanian king ?Shapur? defeated ?Valerian? the Roman Emperor during two big battles in the city of Antioch (Antakiyah) in Sham and countless Roman prisoners have been moved there. After this incident he changed the city name to" that means the city of Shapur is better than Antioch. After the Roman prisoner' s settlement the local people named this area as " Gundy Shapur" which means the " accommodation of Shapur Corps" . Then gradually the city name changed to Gandy Shapur when after Islam troops conquered the city it was called " Jundishapur" this name remainds in historical books. Shapur later married the the next Roman king s daughter and then decided to change this place to Roman city to satisfy his wife. Ever since Hippocratic medicine by the immigrant Roman' s doctors came in to existence. On the Other hand Christian Byzantine internal disputes in creased the immigration. With the presence of Christian' s scientists and doctors the city changed to a more prosperous place. Facilitating Roman' s migration caused the city to develop and chang to a large academic medical center managed by Christian doctors. This scenario continued several years until the Islamic period and in the Abbassian dynasty in the second century it was considered as most prestigious university of Islam world.

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