Mar 2020 Volume 14 Annual Issue 6 Article(s)

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Fast Peer Review and Publishing of Articles

10 Mar, 2020 | Author: Info

Fast Peer Review, Fast Publishing of articles about COVID-19 Outbreak in our journals.

Library of Latest Articles about Coronavirus Outbreak from/about Iran

15 Mar, 2020 | Author: Info
  • Here, we are going to present and introduce all recently published articles titled COVID19 from or about Iran.

Congrats to our Editors and Authors!

23 Apr, 2020 | Author: Info

Book Review 3

10 Oct, 2020 | Author: Info

The ultimate goal of publishing a journal is not indexing it in the top-ranked indexing sources. We are publishing our journals to be read and cited by other researchers to solve health and life issues and improve the quality of our lives. To better distribute our journals, we must find the best tool which is compatible with the majority of libraries. One of the most reliable outputs for a journal could be XML output. In this book, we tried to introduce XML output for journal owners and publishers. Reading this book is highly recommended for the publisher to better understand the proper linkage between their contents and other libraries.

Book Review 2

10 Oct, 2020 | Author: Info

One of the bogus and harsh visions of every journal´s editor-in-chief is the dream of indexing his/her journals in one of the top-ranked indexing sources. This type of mistargeting for publishing a journal as “Indexing Disease.” will be a source for many problems in strategic plans of publishing a journal. This book aimed to increase our editors' knowledge and change their attitude towards the ultimate goal of publishing. 

Book Review 1

10 Oct, 2020 | Author: Info

In order to train our editors of the STM journals, we published a recent book titled "New Publishing Technologies". The current book describes some useful portals and tools required for producing and distributing journal contents and is highly recommended to editorial board members.