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NeoScriber: Journal Management System
NeoScriber: Journal Management System

NeoScriber: What does it mean?

NeoScriber (means: New Writer) is one of the main products of Kowsarmedical as a journal management system.


NeoScriber provides journals a high level of flexibility to configure workflows. Designed to integrate easily with online publishing services, NeoScriber lowers administrative costs and reduces time from submission to publication. Since 2010, NeoScriber has provided small and medium journals a variety of options for getting online. Together this community has evolved to increase productivity and improve the work flow in the peer review process. What makes NeoScriber unique is our hands-on, personalized service allowing you to set your own parameters on what works for your organization. We do all we can to make your editorial team happy.


Main Features:

NeoScriber provides the technology infrastructure and platform that allows publishers to pick and choose exactly the site design, branding, feature set, business models, and content support they want for their publications. All content is hosted on Kowsar servers, using the NeoScriber Express production system.


Sub-Systems of NeoScriber:

This portal consists of different facilities and tools which make the management of an academic journal as much as easy and simple. NeoScriber, as one of the first journal management system, consist of 3 major portals:

  1. Article Submission System
  2. Peer Review System
  3. Advanced and Integrated Publishing System


Features of NeoScriber

The main features of NeoScriber are as below:


Peer Review Portal in NeoScriber

Features of the NeoScriber Peer-Review System:

  1. Paperless and green office a journal with all functions of an editorial office availbale for Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Reviewers and Authors
  2. Automated and manual email and SMS notifications and reminders
  3. Single or Double-blind peer review system
  4. Post-Publication peer review system
  5. Customize workflow for all types of relationship between editors and reviewers
  6. NeoConnect: Search and invite new editorial board and reviewers from researchers' profile in ISI, Medline and Scopus
  7. Manage publishing of manuscript from early submission to end of proof publishing
  8. Service cloud with unlimited disk space for a journal


Features of Publish Site of Journal in NeoScriber


Post publication Services:


What's New in each version of NeoScriber?


 What's new in version 3.46 (09-03-2020):


What's new in version 3.44 (08-01-2020):


Version 3.43, 15-12-2019:

Version 3.42, 01-12-2019: