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Consultation to Establish a New Journal

Consultation to Establish New Journals

One of the most primitive and fundamental stages at any scientific institute to establish a new scientific journal is an assessment based on the facts. By providing consultation sessions, and intragroup discussions Kowsar consulting team provides a prospective vision about publishing journals, the consultations are offered under the following headings:

  1. Needs Assessment of journal establishment based on available knowledge production indicators of the institute: The number of researchers, article production rate, and the ability to attract articles
  2. Evaluation and identification of the local and international scientific competitors
  3. Providing the road map to achieve the premium goals of journal publishing
  4. Assisting to identify and determine the journal elements
  5. Consultation to select an appropriate title for the journal
  6. Consultation to obtain the necessary permits from science, health, and culture ministries
  7. Providing the strategy to achieve an indexed journal in the international and reliable indexing sources

NeoScriber: Journal Management System

NeoScriber: Journal Management System

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Official Partnership

Official Partnership

Kowsar is:

We offer the above-mentioned services for our journals. Furthermore, Altmetrics is also enabled in our journal system.


Consultations about Ethics in Publications

Consultations about Ethics in Publications

One of the tough jobs in each journal is replying and approaching to malpractice cases based on the ethical and official rules and regulations. Each complaint in a journal must be considered as a potential threat against the journal entity. Using an expert lawyer team in Kowsar, we are ready to review and approach to all suspected malpractice cases before, during, and after publishing.

  1. Detect and prevent authorship problems (like a guest author, gift author, data fabrication, and ...)
  2. Approach to Plagiarism in Articles
  3. Communication with COPE
  4. Copyright issues and regulations
  5. Approach to withdraw and retractions
  6. Approach to review problems

Language Services

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Journalism Workshops & Training Courses for Editorial Board

To educate all journal members, we provide the last updates about peer-review methods, article writing, methodological evaluation, explanation of journal environments, plagiarism, managing a journal, English editing, and other useful fields in academic journalism.

Training: The foundation for the development of knowledge and technology

Training principles of journalism and article writing are the main goals of Kowsar since the early point of a journal establishment. We aimed to empower our editors as well as members of the editorial board of journals. Kowsar is proud of holding free of charge training courses for editors in chief, and the members of editorial boards of journals who have signed a publishing contract, aiming to promote them. So far, the training workshops have been held in more than 15 provinces of Iran. Main topics of workshops are:

Training: The foundation in the development of knowledge and technology

  1. Plagiarism Workshop
  2. Meta-analysis Workshop
  3. Endnote Workshop
  4. Training AMA Manual of Style
  5. Article Writing and Editing Methods
  6. Evaluating Different Types of Articles
  7. Peer Review methods
  8. Training Office Software
  9. Journal Administrating Methods
  10. Impact Factor increasing methods
  11. Training Courses for indexing Journals in Major Databanks

Scientometric Services

There are huge scientific databases in the world which index contents of their articles and provide them to the researchers in an easier way. These indexers increase the rate of citation by increasing the chance of being seen and read and finally increase the impact factor of journals. Considering the publishing rules, on-time publishing and publishing high-quality articles play important roles in increasing the journal visibility in indexing databases.

As one of the ultimate goals of publishing a journal, increasing journal visibility by indexing in well-known databases is considered at the highest point of our efforts in Kowsar journals. To index a journal, first, we need to publish high-quality articles on time. Each year, we send an internal evaluation report to our journals to find their pros and cons. A list of Kowsar Journals can be found here.

Scientometric Services

Below you may find a list of some major indexing sources of medical journals which accept articles globally in different languages:

  1. Medline
  2. ISI Web of Science
  3. SCOPUS, EMBASE, Elsevier Bibliographic Databases
  4. WHO-EMRO Index Medicus
  5. Index Copernicus
  6. DOAJ
  7. Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)


Scientometric Special Tools:

We have prepared CITEDBY services by Crossref, Scholar, and Scopus in our journals.


Article sharing in Social Networking tools:

Article sharing in Social Networking System

Kowsar publication shares all published articles on the social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, and scientific networks such as CiteULike, and references on Mendeley online Library, which directly causes increasing the visibility of articles and finally increases their impact factor.


Methodological & Peer Review Consultations

This type of consultation will be presented to the journals which need expert peer reviewer and methodologists for their journals. The EIC may choose from our internal methodologists who are expert in reviewing the scientific articles when:

  1. Screening of Articles in Submission
  2. External Peer Review
  3. Post Publication Comments

Design, Graphic, Layout, and Printing

Layout and Design: Difference in the First Look

By designing an article you will be differentiated from the first look. All productions (articles or journals) prior to entering any type of printing or publishing will be designed by our expert team. Kowsar professional and qualified design and publishing team is one of the main pillars in providing fine visual products.

  1. Standard article layout designed for academic journals
  2. Printing (offset or digital) and local or international distribution
  3. Cover Design
  4. Journal Website Design
  5. Journal logo or header design
  6. Figure or chart reproduction based on PMC requirements
  7. Table redesign

Plagiarism Detection & Prevention in Academic Journals

iThenticate: a secure tool for the prevention

Thanks to one of the best software for detecting similarity of text plus an expert person, you as the EIC will never face a plagiarized manuscript in your journal. We approach all suspected cases just in line with the related guidelines written by COPE.

iThenticate is a leading service and professional software to detect and prevent plagiarism supported and applied by the scientific publishers and research teams all around the world to make about the article draft before publication. By this database, Kowsar production manager of the journal can prepare an accurate report on the rate of plagiarism with full documentation from the copied resources, in a short time before the editor in chief and referee review the article.

Cross Check System
This service is provided by Crossref website and can compare the preliminary version of the articles with the contexts available on the database, and highlight similar cases.

iThenticate Advantages:
By this database, an exact rate of plagiarism with full documentation of the copied resources is reported in a short time as per receipt of the article.

Which sources are covered by iThenticate?
To compare and detect plagiarism, the largest set of databases used by iThenticate are as follows:
EBSCO, CROSSREF, Science Direct, Oxford Nature, ISI Web of Sciences, PubMed, Cengage Learning, and more than 130 Library


Style & Reference Editing

Technical Editing Services of articles: Uniformity and the standardization of publishing

One of the main tasks in each journal is the technical editing of articles based on the journal standards. Our expert production managers will do the Uniformity and standardization of articles for your journal. Main tasks of a production member are:

  1. Reviewing the writing style, and the required standards of the articles
  2. Editing and re-writing the References
  3. Implementation of referees` viewpoints regarding the articles
  4. Careful follow-up of all the articles
  5. Internal management of the articles
  6. Coordinating between referees, authors, and editorial board

Style Editing: Based on AMA Manual Of Style

We consider the "AMA Manual Of Style" on all of our manuscripts. It is a writing guideline for the authors and editors provided by JAMA or Journal of American Medical Association, Archives Journals, and the Medical Journals of Oxford University Press Group, since 1962. The tenth edition of this style was provided in 2007. Validity and reliability of this style have made many authors, researchers, and other people involved in the publication, use it. This style contains all points and hints that authors encounter when writing a book or article.


Advanced & Simultaneous Publishing (XML = PDF = HTML)

Using an integrated portal, a production manager will be able to convert a word file to XML. This XML file acts as a core file to produce correspondent PDF and HTML full text simultaneously. You never find such a huge and reliable integration in one place for publishing an article. One time editing per XML made synchronization between XML, PDF, and HTML much easier than expectations. This is the power of NeoScriber to make a unique and integrated system for publishers.


XML Services in Academic Journals

XML is the most comprehensive method for archiving digital data. Kowsar offers one of the best journal management system which has its own automated engine for producing XML and its related files from your published articles. Kowsar XML generator is a straight forward link to your journal. The standard XML of your articles matches with many libraries like PMC XML DTD 3.0 or Crossref XML, or Portico XML and many other libraries. All of these XML packages will be in your hand and created online as you need them.

XML: The most comprehensive method for archiving digital data

Advantages of XML Services in Kowsar Journals:

  1. Online publication of articles in the journals official websites
  2. Connecting to Crossref system and creating appropriate metadata for the articles to activate the specified DOI link to each article.
  3. Connect to CITEDBY system
  4. Article page layout by InDesign software
  5. Creating digital library by XML

Online Store for an Academic Journals

Using an Online store, a journal manager will be able to collect any fee related to the articles (like Acceptance Fee, Fast Track Fee, Publication Fee, and English Editing Fee from authors. Furthermore, all payments to editors or reviewers will be performed through this online accounting portal. Authors will be able to apply coupon code on their invoices and each product will be managed by the publisher or journal manager.


DOI Services


DOI (digital object identifier) serves as a persistent, actionable identifier for intellectual property online. DOIs can be assigned at any level of granularity, and therefore provide publishers with an extensible platform for a variety of applications.

  1. DOI, as a permanent link, can control all citations and views of the article, and prevent missing them.
  2. DOI (web-based) can eliminate all human errors in editing the references and aggregates all citations.
  3. DOI directs more traffic toward articles.
  4. To absorb CITEDBY in the references, DOI is necessary.
  5. DOI facilitates more contribution to modern sciences, and also the other articles.

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Crossref Services

All services presented by Crossref will be available in all journals published by Kowsar. These services including:

  1. Crosscheck
  2. CrossMark
  3. iThenticate

CrossCheck powered by iThenticate is an initiative started by CrossRef to help its members actively engage in efforts to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism. All journals published by Kowsar will use CrossCheck for checking their contents.

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Cited-By Services


CrossRef Cited-by Linking is a service that allows you to discover how your publications are being cited and to incorporate that information into your online publication platform. CITEDBY service provides the exact number of citations for the author and the reader of the article. To benefit from this service standard XML output of the article full text is needed, so that necessary metadata to aggregate and increase the number of citations can be provided. Read Presentation | Our Info Page


Open Access

All articles published by Kowsar are made available under an open-access license worldwide immediately. This means:

  1. free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles
  2. free to re-use the published material given proper accreditation/citation of the original publication
  3. open-access publication is supported by authors' institutes or research funding agency by payment of a comparatively low Article Processing Charge (APC) for accepted articles.

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