Coping process in renal transplant recipients: A grounded theory study


masoud Rayyani , *

How to Cite: Rayyani M. Coping process in renal transplant recipients: A grounded theory study, Med Surg Nurs J. 2013 ; 2(1 And 2):e87587.


Medical - Surgical Nursing Journal: 2 (1 And 2); e87587
Published Online: May 28, 2013
Article Type: Abstract
Received: December 15, 2018
Accepted: August 16, 2013


Abstract Background and Objective: Kidney transplantation is considered as selective and the most effective alternative way in treatment of patients with end-stage renal disease. Transplantation may improve patients' life quality, but it can also lead patients to face new challenges and concerns. Since there is little information about coping process of patients with renal transplantation, understanding how they cope with transplanted kidney may help health care providers to plan and implement appropriative and holistic care. The aim of this study was to explore the coping process in renal transplant recipients. Materials and Methods: A qualitative method with grounded theory approach was used to explore renal transplantation coping process. First, participants were purposively selected among renal transplant recipients and gradually continued with theoretical sampling. 11 renal transplant recipients in Afzalipour hospital, Kerman, Iran, and 3 family members were interviewed (n = 14) during 2011-2012. Data analyzing was done followed guidelines proposed by Strauss and Corbin (1998). Results: Three categories emerged from data analysis including "perceive reality of transplantation", "coping strategies" and "learning challenging life". Results demonstrated transplanted kidney coping as a calm and steady process with special characteristics in each step. The main theme emerged from the text was continuous and purposive struggling to reach calmness in new life. Conclusion: Understanding the reality of transplantation and its challenges have temporarily and permanently effects on patient’s life. In this process, nurses as important members of health care team can provide appropriate educational programs and supportive care in order to assist patients to learn how to cope with transplanted kidney and its challenges. Keywords: Coping process, coping, renal transplantation, grounded theory




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