The impact of aromatherapy on hemodynamic condition of patients experiencing coronary angiography


homeira tahmasebi , *

How to Cite: tahmasebi H. The impact of aromatherapy on hemodynamic condition of patients experiencing coronary angiography, Med Surg Nurs J. 2013 ; 2(1 And 2):e87592.


Medical - Surgical Nursing Journal: 2 (1 And 2); e87592
Published Online: July 17, 2013
Article Type: Abstract
Received: December 15, 2018
Accepted: March 06, 2013


Background and Objective: Anxiety influences the patient's physiological reactions and makes him/her in danger in angiography room. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of aromatherapy on the hemodynamic condition of patients experiencing coronary angiography. Materials and Methods: This clinical trial study was performed on a group of 96 patients hospitalized in Sari Fatemeh-Zahra hospital, Iran, for coronary angiography. They were selected by convenience sampling and randomly devided in two control (46) and experimental (45) groups. The two groups in terms of gender, marital status, educational level, history of disease, age and having health insurance were matched. The collecting data tools consisted of demographic questionnaire and hemodynamic variables recording sheet, measured by blood pressure gauge and chronometer, filled out for both groups before and after aromatherapy. The collected data were analyzed using chi-square t, and repeated-measures ANOVA tests. Results: The systolic blood pressure variable, pulse and respiration rate reduced meaningfully after the aromatherapy in experimental group compared to controls. Despite no significant differences between the groups among other variables, their clinical condition often showed better in experimental group. Conclusion: According to our findings, we suggest that using aromatherapy before stressful situations like diagnostic technics helps to reduce vital signs and maintain it in normal range. Keywords: Aromatherapy, hemodynamic, angiography




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