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English Editing Services

1.1 Definitions:

English editing service (EES) is a service provided by NedMedica, for all authors. “NedMedica” is offering an efficient service to help you and your colleagues ensure that your academic and professional reports and manuscripts are written in perfect English. Professional editors will check the grammar and style of your manuscript and send it back to you to meet your requirements and deadlines. Any cases of English spelling and grammar errors as well as publisher’s style lead your article may be rejected without regardless of its content. For those whose English is not the first language, we strongly suggest them to use our English editing Service before submission. Advanced level of editing with highly qualified native English speakers will provide you a professional proofreading service at a very reasonable rate. Different fields of medicine are covered by our service.



1.2. Types of Services:

With our expert editing teams in the region, we have an extensive manuscript editing expertise as well as experience across all types of written communication. Our team comprises editors with subject specialized backgrounds and work experience from various countries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stringent recruitment process and our comprehensive quality guarantee. Basically, we would present two types of services as below:


Advanced Editing

Per word / 0.03 €

Premium Editing

Per word / 0.05 €

Editorial Certificate (Sample)    
Discount of Article Processing Charges on KOWSAR journals    
Re-editing Support for 90 days for 365 days
Plagiarism detection (iThenticate)    
Consistency in terminology    
Consistency in page layout    
Sentence construction    
Multiple rounds (up to two times)*    
Word choice    
Suggestions for text with unclear meaning    
Word reduction    
Language tips    
Delivery time Up to 3-7 working days Up to 3-7 working days


*Provided that the word count of your revised paper has not increased by more than 15% (compared to the original paper). For authors who might need the work earlier than expected delivery time, an additional charge may be applied.

All manuscripts are edited using the “Track Changes” feature under Microsoft Word and are delivered in the “Final Showing Markup” view that shows the changes made to the document provided that the original file had been in Microsoft Word. If the original file presented as a PDF file, the manuscript is edited on paper, scanned, and delivered as a PDF file. We use handwritten editing with special editing symbols for PDF files; this costs 15% more than the normal service fee. If you are submitting a PDF file for editing, please ensure that the text is double spaced.


1.3. Discount for Institutes:

Our published price would be around 70% less than other international companies that are working in the field of editing in order to increase the qualities of manuscripts of developing countries. There are special discounts for the institutes who guarantee to provide a high volume number of works per year. Once the payment has been transduced to our account, the work will be initiated.


1.4. Terms and conditions:

1.5. Money-Back Guarantee, regulations: