The Prevalence of Substance Abuse Among the Epileptic Patients of Isfahan.


MR Najafi 1 , SA Sonbolestan 2 , * , F Sonbolestan 3

1 Associate Professor, Department of Neurology,

2 Medical Student, Isfahan Neuroscience Research Center,

3 Resident, Department of Neurology, Isfahan University of Medical Sci-ences, Isfahan, Iran.

How to Cite: Najafi M, Sonbolestan S, Sonbolestan F. The Prevalence of Substance Abuse Among the Epileptic Patients of Isfahan., Shiraz E-Med J. Online ahead of Print ; 12(3):140-3.


Shiraz E-Medical Journal: 12 (3); 140-3
Published Online: July 1, 2011
Article Type: Research Article
Received: January 20, 2011
Accepted: April 30, 2011


Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the substance abuse prevalence in epileptic patients who were referred to epilepsy clinics of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

Method: This study was conducted on 1921 epileptic patients in Isfahan. The information about substance abuse and also the seizure attacks characteristics were collected by means of standard questionnaires.

Results: 60 patients (3.1% of all patients) used the illicit substances. The mean of their ages was 30.31.25 years. The mean of seizure history was 4.660.98 years. The most prevalent type of attacks among the patients was generalized tonic clonic type (45 patients-75%) and the most frequent substance which was abused was Tramadol (25 patients- 41.7%).

Conclusions: Drug abuse seems to be more frequent in these patients than general popula-tion. Epileptic patients seem to be more sensitive to these substances. On the other hand, some of these substances like Tramadol, which is one of the most prescribed analgesics in the world, cause seizures as an important adverse effect.

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