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Article ID Title
105445 The hidden curriculum in online education based on systematized review
111526 Rhazes’ Contributions to Alchemy and Pharmacy
114421 In-hospital economic burden for COVID-19 Infection using step down cost accounting; A case from central Iran
114456 Identifying the Minimum Data Set of a mobile-based contact tracing system for the COVID-19 pandemic
115669 Critical analysis of corruption in Iran's health care system and its control strategies
116275 Burnout assessment among physicians and medical students: comparing time-periods of coronavirus disease outbreak in Shiraz
116611 The Biostatistics graduates' Perspectives concerning the curriculum, the course educational topics, and its association with their career- related requirements
117459 Knowledge, attitudes, and practice toward isolation precautions amongst nurses and auxiliary nurses in Nemazee hospital, Shiraz,Iran
118125 Low vitamin D level was associated with non‑alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
119033 Faculty Members burnout in COVID-19 Pandemic Period; Shiraz Medical School as a Sample
119138 COVID-19 in liver and kidney transplant recipients: an initial single-center experience in Iran
119448 Acute Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Secondary to COVID 19