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What is the difference between a withdrawn article and a retracted article in Kowsar journals?

To find out more about the probable coverage of retraction and withdrawal of an article, we describe their similarities and differences in the below table.


  Withdrawal Retraction
Definition Taking back an article from a journal, either by Author or by EIC just before final publishing or in inpress Publishing a new related article defining that a previously published one is not correct or needs a change
Old PDF Format of the article Will be removed Will be remained only after adding a watermark in each page saying that the article is retracted
Old HTML Format of the article
  • Nothing will remain except title, authors, and affiliations.
  • An additional "[Withdrawn Article]" will be added to the beginning of the title.
  • Body text will be changed to "This article is withdrawn by EIC or Authors request."
  • Article will be / is published in a noraml issue.
  • The abstract will remain.
  • Body text will be changed to "This article is retracted by EIC or Authors request."
  • An additional "[Retracted Article]" will be added to the beginning of the title.
  • A link to the retraction note will be available and working.
Indexing Sources?


  • A WITHDRAWN: text will be added to the beginning
  • The abstract will be replaced with Ahead of Print article withdrawn by the publisher.


  • A new article with the exact reason of retraction will be published.
  • Old article's text and citations will remain unchanged unless for an updated note indicating that Retraction in: JOURNAL. YESR MONTH; VOL(ISSUE): eID.


Old article's status might be

In any state which is not finally published yet, such as:

  • Pre-Review
  • Peer Review
  • Pre-Publish
  • In Press Published (Ahead of Print)
Final Published (Article is published with Vol/Issue)
A New Article is Not required Required and must be from the type of RETRACTION
Guidelines PubMed / COPE Cases PubMed COPE


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