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Coupon or Promotion Code Last Update : 2021-11-19 22:52:54

Promotion Code

This code offers special offers like "Fats Track Review" or other promotions. Promotion codes will be sent through periodical emails and could not be requested manually.

Coupon Code

Coupon Code is a special code produced by the publisher to offer a discount in a pre-defined period of time. This code belongs only to invited articles and author of the invited article is able to use it during submission or after acceptance of his/her article before paying the article processing charge. Please consider the correct date and deadline for using a coupon code because each coupon code has its own deadline and duration of usage.

How to apply for a discount?

If you already have a valid "Coupon Code" and you are going to use it, please

  1. Log in/ Sign up with your credentials on a journal website
  2. Start submitting your manuscript in the Online Submission System
  3. Enter the code into the text field that appears during your submission
  4. After acceptance of your article, you will receive an invoice (online or offline). Then you must apply for a discount using your coupon code via the below link (Request Discount Form)

  • After acceptance, fill this online form "Request Discount Form" and write the coupon code number.
  • If you previously submitted a manuscript and you forgot to mention your coupon code, please contact us via the same online form (submit a ticket via the Request Discount Form).
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