Various types of glomerulonephritis in children in south Iran


F Emam Ghoreushi 1 , * , N Namdari Forghani 2 , Fatemeh Shahbazi 2

1 Internal Disease Dept, Faculty of Medicine, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences and health services, Shiraz, Iran.

2 General physician.

How to Cite: Emam Ghoreushi F, Namdari Forghani N, Shahbazi F. Various types of glomerulonephritis in children in south Iran, Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2005 ; 7(1):e94970.


Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: 7 (1); e94970
Published Online: March 22, 2005
Article Type: Research Article
Received: October 19, 2004
Accepted: March 04, 2005


Background: Acute glomrulonephritis is a common renal disease in children. It can be primary
disease or secondary to systemic diseases. Various forms of glumerulonephritis have different
prevalence and prognosis in each region. The present study was designed for evaluation of
prevalence of various types of glomerulonephritis in Iranian children, their prognosis and related
Methods and Materials: This study was done on 140 children with diagnosis of glomerulonephritis
between 1981-2002. Data about their types of glomerulonephritis, prognosis and presentation were
obtained by referring to patient’s files.
Results: The patients were aged 2-18 years and girls were more. The most common type of
glomerulonaphritis was lupus nephritis (34.28%) that followed by MPGN (24.28%). Twenty
percent of patients was recovered, 19.2% hypertensive, 31.44% chronic renal failure and 5.7%
dead. The most related factors were severe proteinuria, type of glomerulonephritis, sonography
finding. Mean renal and patient survival was 56.6±3.09 and 90.09±4.4 months respectively.
Conclusions: In evaluation of children with glomerulonephritis, we must consider prevalence of
various types of glomerulonephritis in the region and factors related to prognosis. It also is
important that prognosis is related to more than one factor.


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